Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Essentials... Who has them trending

I went out the other day to get my winter shopping and some inspiration for my next blog post, and I have seen so many jumpers  and boots etc. so I decided to do a winter essentials and who is rocking them.

Fashion staple #1
A big woolly jumper is something all of us have hidden a away beneath tonnes of clothes. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are really rocking the over sized jumper vibes. You are going to see a lot warm and cozy jumpers on the catwalk this year. There are just so many ways to wear them and so many things to style them up with too.

Staple #2

"Knee high boots are in again, I love boots because their like leather wine and cheese, they get better with time and age" Quoted by Samantha Maria, Beauty Crush Channel. These boots are very in this season, I especially like them in the khaki and camel colors, also black too. Some people that have effortlessly styled their look with a knee high boot would be, Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Katherine Heigl, and Kim Kardashian, it automatically spiced up all of there looks. I really like the way Miranda Kerr has kept it very chic and simple, but then the knee high boot adds some sass.

Staple #3
Snoods and Scarfs, now I have a cream snood, and it is just so warm and fits around my neck perfectly. They are so easy and versatile, they are very easy to add to your outfit and look effortless, they go with almost everything. The Kardasians are rocking the snoods this winter, we saw Courtney and Kim working it with the ideal clothes.

Staple #4
Leather jackets, well everyone just loves a leather jacket, it makes you feel fierce and ready for anything. All the celebs are wearing them this winter and fall, you have people like Emma Watson, J Lo and Jennifer Aniston. While Courtney Kardashian was wearing her leather jacket she complimented it with a snood, the leather jacket adds a hardness to the look, where the snood softens the look. Courtney is someone you would definitely take fashion advice from.

Pea Jacket, I absolutely love pea jackets, they are so versatile, and they go with every single piece of winter clothing. Also the range of styles gives people a choice in which one they prefer and which one suits their body type. You can get them in a range of prices too, so if your on a tight budget or wanna go all out and buy the best. It was really trending in 2015 and they are strutting into 2016, everyone who is everyone has a Pea Coat.

The last thing that looks good on everyone is timberland's or workboots. These seriously look good with anything and last forever. I have a pair myself and they are the most comfiest shoes I have, these are definitely a winter essential. Alot of celebs have been wearing these this winter, like Rihanna, she really likes them and knows how to dress them up or down. Some other celebs that love to rock timberland's are Jay-Z, Amber Rose, and even our little North West that take after her daddy (Kanye West)

Its certianly the right time to be checking your wardrobe to see if you can check off most of these things for this winter/fall

From your blogger, Ciara

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What shall cook today?

*looks in cupboards*,and says " what shall I cook today?". This I something everyone says at least 3 times a day, well I have found the shout ions to all your problems,  it's called, you enter the ingredients you have in your cupboards and viola!, it gives you a variety of recipes to cook. This is so handy for people that don't like to go grocery shopping that often or you just don't have any inspiration on baht to make. Trust me, it will save you from standing there looking in to a cupboard all day. Go check out the link down below and you will be amazed.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Winter Colours beyond the Eye

Because it's winter over here in New Zealand, I thought I would start my new blog off with something everyone has to know this season, what colours to wear. I will be sharing my inner most thought about fashion and trends. So here I go...

Everyone thinks they know what colours to wear this winter. I have asked a group of people and questioned them what colours they are going to be wearing this winter, Creams, Greys, Black, and Layed back colours. All those colours are perfect to wear, but there is such a wide variety of different colours, that people don't dare to wear and mix together. Mustards, Maroon, Navy, Browns, Forest Greens, and millions of types of winter white, which is definetly in trend this season, the list is never needing, their just some of my favourites to wear this season. Some types of winter white can be so beautiful with combinations of all the colours I mention and more. Layering up colours is ideal way to make the best out of your winter clothing, but combining colours is a tricky process you need to make sure they go together otherwise your going to look like a paint bomb, and you do not wanna look like one of those. One of my favourites is wearing da and rich reds, deep amdtoned mustards with forest floor greens are a match made in heaven, in my books. Also various browns and greys just fit together so well, when they are layered and combined together.